Artemis | how to build enterprise security?

For a long time, the overall safety construction of enterprises has been a very complex problem. The main reason is that enterprises will encounter various security risks in operation, such as vulnerability outbreak, network attack, asset risk, fraud (such as wool Collection), etc.

Although different enterprises will have different high-risk points, for example, the e-commerce industry needs to attach great importance to fraud risk, while the game industry may pay more attention to network attacks (such as DDoS attacks). However, the central idea of the overall safety construction of the enterprise will not change, that is, according to the enterprise's own situation, formulate accurate objectives, select the most appropriate scheme and update it constantly.

Why do you emphasize continuous updating? Security itself is "dynamic", and there is no absolute security under any circumstances. But what we can do is to approach "absolute" with reasonable schemes and all aspects of security technology.

From the structure chart, we can easily see the idea of building enterprise security solutions. All security measures are carried out around the central basic protection, which also reflects the central idea of security construction.

Technical framework of security scheme

The security construction in the early stage is mainly to do basic external defense, for which we put forward active defense.

Active defense has always been what we advocate. We cannot be passive in the matter of safety. In other words, active defense is actually predicting risks and taking defensive measures before risks.

Take our intrusion protection product chuangyudun as an example. It has a massive sample database of hacker attacks, and the sources of these data are based on our cyberspace search engine, vulnerability community and hundreds of thousands of websites with 7x24 real-time defense.

With these data, chuangyudun can easily respond in real time. When a hacker attacks any website we protect, the behavior will be recorded, and Artemis shield will update the protection strategy to other websites without time difference at the same time.

This is the way to occupy the opportunity and let us be safe first.

If the early-stage safety construction of enterprises is mainly to do external safety defense around basic protection, then in the middle and later stage, we should focus on internal safety control. At this time, we should start planning to build the terminal security management system and data recovery system.

When all the above are deployed, the enterprise begins to enter the safe operation period. During the security operation period, enterprises cannot relax their security construction. As I said above, security needs to be constantly adjusted and updated, so as to deal with the attack technology that is also constantly improving.

The safety construction of enterprises is a long-term, continuous and continuous improvement process. Different stages will have different construction priorities. In this process, enterprises will constantly change, adjust and summarize to find the most suitable safety solution. Finally, I hope every enterprise can have its own complete security system, and we will always make efforts for a better and safer Internet.

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