Artemis | 1 minute to quickly build an intranet active defense system

With the outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide, the medical field has become an important target for criminals to attack. On February 24, Artemi launched a campaign to provide honeypot products and services to medical and health organizations free of charge. In this month, we received many consultations from medical and health organizations, provided them with the client deployment of honeypot, and provided users with free security support through centralized security operation and maintenance monitoring.

In this event, we also received inquiries from users in other industries, hoping that we can provide them with honeypot products and services, which also strengthened our belief in providing more users with convenient and safe honeypot products and services. On March 24, zhichuangyu officially launched the Artemis honeypot SaaS version to provide users in all industries with more convenient and safe honeypot products and services.

Artemis honeypot has three basic functions

1. Delay the attack by confusing the false with the true

Quickly create a large number of Honeynet portals through network coverage, and combine a variety of Web honeypots and protocol honeypots to form a highly simulated honeypot network, which makes it difficult for intruders to distinguish between true and false, stay in the Honeynet and expose intrusion traces, so as to delay the attack speed, give an alarm immediately and strive for response time for customers.

2. Capture 0day attack

Honeynet traffic is pure and non-interference. Based on attack behavior analysis, it can quickly locate 0day attacks and other unknown threats, and cooperate with users to optimize defense strategies.

3. Covert evidence collection

By obtaining device fingerprints, social information, location information and other data, quickly outline the attacker's portrait, provide complete attack information, and provide an effective basis for tracing the source and arresting the attacker.

What additional benefits can SaaS honeypots bring to enterprises compared with traditional honeypots?

1. It is more convenient to deploy and quickly build an intranet active defense system in one minute

Non intrusive and lightweight software client installation can realize automatic network coverage, quickly form a Honeynet entrance in the enterprise intranet, and easily arrange troops to make the honeypot more confusing!

2. Transfer the battlefield to ensure Intranet Security

The attack traffic is led from the customer's intranet to the SaaS Honeynet environment to achieve the purpose of transferring the battlefield, and the security protection system is configured from the dimensions of network isolation and one-way flow control to ensure that the intranet itself is not recognized and damaged by the attacker.

3. One click access of security expert service

The Artemis honeypot management platform is monitored and maintained by an expert team. Once a safety risk is found, it will be analyzed and warned in time to cooperate with the customer in emergency response.

4. Attack big data sharing

Artemis honeypot can uniformly analyze the attack sample data of all access users, and share the analysis results of attack data to all access users. Form an open system of data sharing and defense linkage.

In order to facilitate users to install the honeypot client, we provide full expert support services, free remote client installation for users, and 7x24 hours of safe operation monitoring services. In case of suspicious security incidents, timely assist customers in analysis, cooperate with customers in emergency response to deal with security incidents, and escort enterprise network security.

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